Pink: Funhouse

Now I'm sure all of you have heard Pink's new song, So What, time after time playing on the radio. I mean, I can practically sing the song word for word in my sleep. I'm gonna get in trouble, I'm gonna start a fight! And now, the second song on the CD, Sober, is starting to get some spotlight for itself. But what else is on the CD?
Pink, whose real name is Alecia, got her first number one single on the Hot 100 with So What. She has five albums, the first one being Can't Take The Party Home. She reminded us that she's not dead with her 4th album, I'm Not Dead. Other notable songs are U & Ur Hand and Who Knew?
This album is an amazing rebound from her divorce with Carery Hart last year. But she showed everyone that she doesn't care right from the top of the album with So What. Only 6 hours after So What got leaked, it became #1 on Nova 100. It also became the top song on many other charts, including iTunes most purchased songs list. I must admit, I couldn't stand this song until it was played for probably like the 756th time. Then, I founded myself tapping my foot and singing to myself to the tune of it's strong beat. I mean whatever instrument thats playing in the verses is pretty annoying at first. I quess it's kind of like an iquired taste. Or something like that. But the chorus are really sweet, and pretty upbeat and dancy.
Most of you have probably heard the song Sober a couple times playing on the radio. I believe its around number 5 on my radio stations charts. The first thing that came to mind the first time I listened to this CD on Christmas morning on my Mac was how different it is compared to So What. I mean it's the same singer and such but it really takes it down a notch, but the song is just as good, if not better. It's more of an enjoyable song to listen to. The song's plotline, if you will, is Pink basically saying that it stinks to be drunk. Sure, she goes into detail about how she doesn't like 'filling the silence' and 'how it's good til it goes bad' but that's basically all she says.
As much as I like I Don't Believe You, it's not a very well known song. I don't know if it's because everyone my age listens to the same radio station, so we know the same songs, or if just no one else likes it except me. Its a really slow song, but that doesn't bring down the quality, like it does in some of my other favorite bands, such as Weezer. It sounds like in parts of the songs she's trying to be wicked artisy by making her voice really quiet and stuff, but there is such thing as overkill. I had to Google the lyrics just so I could understand what she's talking about. And I found out she's basically saying that she doesn't believe someone...which is I guess how they came up with the name of the song.
I really don't like the next song. It's not my style. Like at all. It's called One Foot Wrong, and I don't think Pink has ever made a song like this before. Her producer probably didn't let her. I wouldn't. If your to lazy to listen to the song, or would like to spare your ears, I'll tell you what it sounds like. Think Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens going Frank Sinatra with some punk mixed into it. I may be exaggerating just a bit on that one though.
Please Don't Leave Me is going back a little bit back to Pink's style. But it's still not quite there. Is anyone else noticing a theme in these song titles? So What, Sober I Don't Believe You and One Foot Wrong. I guess Pink really has been having a Funhouse. Going back to my point, I'm still not into this song.
Bad Influence is definitely a risk taker for Pink. It has this tambourine like beat for a good duration of the song. But it beat my low expectations though, and I almost began enjoying the song by about 2 minutes into the song. Almost. So far though, this song is the most techno, which is actually pretty cool of Pink to go into that style a little bit.
Funhouse, which incidentally is the name of the CD, is pretty good. It absolutly is a style I wouldn't expect to hear from Pink, but yet it here it is on the playlist. I would use Genius on this song, but my computer spazed out and wouldn't let me. So I guess Last.Fm here I come!
Cyrstal Ball is a slow song, with a lot of string instruments playing. I thought Pink sang it very well. I defintly prefer her more upbeat songs, but neverless I enjoyed this one all the same.
Mean is quite the song. And not in a good way. It almost has this country vibe, something which I had never hoped to hear Pink sing. Like ever. Thankfully, it strayed a teeny bit from your average country music, but it still wasn't that great.
It's All Your Fault, has good music, where the singing portion is a little lacking. I have definitly heard worse songs, but Pink could have done better. True, it probably was the style of the song, but I don't think it's one of Pink's better skills. But this song would definitly make my top 500 playlist, most likely taking the place of Hannah Montana or something.
Ave Mary A is a pretty cool song. It has a really good beat, and this time the vocal's are definitlty there. The only thing that surprised me that it's not played on the radio too often. The guitar part is so Guitar Hero (on easy) worthy.
Gliter In The Air is a good closing song for the soundtrack. Pink definitly brings it down a couple notches on the energy scale, but it doesn't go down on the quality scale. Again, I really like the music part in it. The lyrics do leave a little to desire though.
So, in closing, this is a fairly good CD. If you enjoyed Pink's past music, you'll probably like this CD.

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