For all you twitters, avid texters, facebookers and wanna be adultolescentes, there is a hot new website called Formspring. Formspring is awesome because its yet another way to keep in touch with your friends. Formspring allows your friends to ask you public or anonymous that you can answer, and post on your profile. 

Five Best Things About Formspring:
5: It's compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. But then again, if you have an Android, you probably don't have to many friends to ask you questions. Except why you bought a total iPhone copycat. No offense.
4: You can ask yourself questions, giving yourself and random surfers the illusion that you do have friends. Which solves that problem for all you Androiders.
3. You set all these funky backgrounds on your profile. Not like you can do that on any other sites these days or anything.
2.  One really cool, unique idea is profile pictures. That way, your friends know  what you look like when asking you questions. Perfect touch for all those social netlurkers. 
1. Its really just another way to keep in touch with your friends. Now, instead of going to friends and asking questions, one can just plop themselves down at the computer and ask away! Questions can even be sent to cell phones, for those who really know the importance of social networking. Formspring is the perfect application for everyone because its a great way to post questions on friends profiles, rather than talking to them in person, which by the way, is overrated. 

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