The Hunger Games; Suzanne Collins

One of my new favorite books is the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. I got the book for Christmas, and though at first I thought it would be a stupid book, by the 2nd chapter I couldn't put it down. I remember that for all of winter vacation, I would stay up late with a flash light, hoping to finish the book.

The book takes a peak into a not so distant future, where teens are forced to compete in the Hunger Games. For those of you who haven't read it, think of reality tv pushed to its limit. I say that because the players must kill each other off, the last one standing is crowned the winner.
The beginning of a new series that is bound to draw in bunches of winners is divided into 3 parts; each becoming more and more addicting to the reader. Out of everyone that I know who has read this book, I have yet to find one who hasn't enjoyed it.

The book takes a look at what people would do for survival. Throughout the book, enemies become friends and friends become enemies, pacts are both made, and broken. For the duration of the book, you will be on the tip of your seat as you look through the eyes of a very brave girl, who risked her life for the well being of her sister, and crosses a line that has yet to be crossed.

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