The Veronicas

Well I just spent the last hour or so youtubing one of my favorite girl groups new album's songs. And let me tell you, it was not a hour wasted.
That's right, The Veronicas have done it again. And by 'it' I mean of course be on the top of the pop charts all over the world for producing undoubtedly some of the best songs ever. Did I mention I am a Veronicas fan?
There latest CD, Hook Me Up, is a (explicit) disc complete with 13 songs, one of which is one of the most purchase songs online.
But wow! I mean if you listen to Jess and Lisa's past CD, The Secret Life Of, you can hear the big change the girls went through in the 2 year gap between the CDs. Even if you quickly listen to the 30 second demos on iTunes while you write a review for the Cds. Not like I did that though. There latest CD is much more jumpy and dancey, unlike there debut rock/pop album. Although one could never be to sure, I'm guessing the album gets its name 'Hook Me Up,'from track number two, which just so happens to be called, 'Hook Me Up'. This just so happens to be my least favorite song on the CD, even thought it may just have one of the best music videos.
Where as Hook Me Up is kinda (dare I say) mellow, the rest of the soundtrack is not. I was abruptly woken up from my mid-mid-morning nap when the 3rd song, This Is How It Feels, started blasting. Although after it, things slow down a little bit, I can still feel the energy coming out of my Mac.
Expanding a bit from their almost cliche pop/rock/dance tunes, I Can't Stay Away has this cool, techno-edgy vibe, which I'm loving, whose tune almost seems to melt into the next song, Take Me On The Floor. Rather than giving away the next 7 tracks like I did with the previous six, I think I'll let you just listen to them yourself.

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