I Am...Sasha Fierce-Beyonce

This album is one of my latest favorites. But, before I go into detail on the songs, I thought some explanation was necessary. One of the first things I noticed about the CD, even before I started playing it was that it was divided into two different CDs. My first thought was, well that's just plain stupid, why use two CDs when all the tracks could easily fit on one CD? (There's only eleven tracks total.) So, I thought some investigation was due.....and I didn't have to look far; only one Google search in, and I had found my answer.

The two CD's represent her dual personalities. Beyonce is the softer music, Sasha Fierce is her alter ego. Beyonce says that when she goes on stage, she doesn't feel like herself, she thinks that she's someone else. It's kinda creepy in away, but at the same time its cool. You can see a large difference between the two CDs, before even listening to them. The pictures and color on the CDs are practically polar opposites; the only similarity is the face they share.
I Am....
The first CD is Beyonce. The first track is If I Were a Boy. Unless you have been living on Mars for the past few weeks, you have undoubtedly heard this song. The song is what Beyonce would do if she were a boy, and more importantly what she wouldn't do. "I'd Swear I'd Be A Better Man"; she says. I think that she thinks that men aren't worthy of being men.
The second track; Ave Maria, is more of a love song. This song is definitely one of Beyonce's slower songs. It's really pretty but I don't really like it. I feel like at some points its too out of her comfort songs, and she's not used to singing high notes softly which ruins a lot of the song's potential. 
I love the song Halo. There's not really a lot I can say about it, other then it's about when you meet someone, and whenever you together, it feels like heaven on earth. 
Disappear is one of the only acoustic song's I've heard Beyonce sing. Unfortunately,  it doesn't last long. Like many pop songs, there has to be electronic beats, which ruins the song for me. There is also a heavy amount of background singers. All in all, it's a pretty song, hidden under too much accompaniment.
Broken-Hearted Girl is a really nice song. If Beyonce plans on making more soft songs, I hope she picks songs like this song. True; it sounds like a lot of other songs on the radio, but Beyoncé successfully makes the song original. It's about a girl who tries to stop herself from loving someone, out of fear of rejection, and getting a broken heart. 
The final song on this portion of the CD is Satellites. It's another pretty song. I had to listen to it a few times before coming to a conclusion about anything in the song. The only thing I could figure out is that it when your with you significant other, your inseparable. 
Sasha Fierce
Another song that I heavily enjoy is Single Ladies. If you haven't heard the version by Beyonce, you've probably seen the SNL version. It's one of those feminist songs that I usually find rather annoying, but I love this song. Beyonce is saying that if you liked her, you should have given her a ring, but now its too late cause now she's moved on.
Radio is a fun, upbeat song, that occasionally gives me a hint. The verses are hard to understand, but I'm pretty sure that was intentional. A funny thing about this song is that she refers to the radio as 'him'. This song is just a fun song, and I doubt there's any hidden metaphors or anything. 
Sweet Dreams is about how relationships are like roller coasters; they are crazy, go all over the place, rather scary, but you still want to go on them. 
Video phone Beyonce is ready to fall deep in love but is afraid that once she does she will be left. So she is telling the guy to make her feel comfortable because she is apprehensive about their relationship. 

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