Someone Like You

Someone Like You is a well written story that touches many topics that any less audacious author wouldn't write about it. It's because of that stroke of audaciousness and that hint of odious that puts this book one step ahead of the rest. Our main character Halley isn't used to being important. Her best friend is far more prominent with her bold red hair that's almost as striking as her personality. Halley is used to being 'Scarlett's friend', but that doesn't bother Halley one bit. However, Michael Sherwood's, Scarlett's boyfriend's, death changes everything. Scarlett realizes she's pregnant with his child a week after he dies. Even Halley, who barely knew him, life is disturbed; Sherwood's friend, Macon, soon fall's in love with Halley. Life as she knew it was almost unrecognizable.  Will Halley take the common pat , or will she turn to her psychiatrist of a Mom?

 I genuinely like this book. This is the only book by Sarah Dessen that I haven't read, so I'm glad that I picked this book. I thought it was very intrepid of Dessen to write books on grief, abortion and  death. The only part that I didn't like was that it was a very traditional coming of age story, the general plot  seemed very established and familiar, because I had read book's like it an abundance of  times. The main reason that I didn't put this book down in the beginning when I was bored by the commonality of the plot is because  the excellence of the writing and the twists that surprise the reader, despite Dessen's settle foreshadowing. In this book, when  every the book starts to calm down, a curve-ball is thrown and the reader is on their seat once more, turning pages as fast as they can. 

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