For all you twitters, avid texters, facebookers and wanna be adultolescentes, there is a hot new website called Formspring. Formspring is awesome because its yet another way to keep in touch with your friends. Formspring allows your friends to ask you public or anonymous that you can answer, and post on your profile. 

Five Best Things About Formspring:
5: It's compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. But then again, if you have an Android, you probably don't have to many friends to ask you questions. Except why you bought a total iPhone copycat. No offense.
4: You can ask yourself questions, giving yourself and random surfers the illusion that you do have friends. Which solves that problem for all you Androiders.
3. You set all these funky backgrounds on your profile. Not like you can do that on any other sites these days or anything.
2.  One really cool, unique idea is profile pictures. That way, your friends know  what you look like when asking you questions. Perfect touch for all those social netlurkers. 
1. Its really just another way to keep in touch with your friends. Now, instead of going to friends and asking questions, one can just plop themselves down at the computer and ask away! Questions can even be sent to cell phones, for those who really know the importance of social networking. Formspring is the perfect application for everyone because its a great way to post questions on friends profiles, rather than talking to them in person, which by the way, is overrated. 

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The President's Daughter-Ellen Emerson White

Enter Meg Powers, a highly ranked tennis player, skier extraordinaire and sixteen years old. One more thing- daughter of the reputable senator of Massachusetts. Meg is living the life, she likes her friends, her sports, her family, heck she even likes school. Unfortunately for Meg,  her life is about to be turned upside down. Why? Nothing significant, just the tiny part where her Mom decides to run for President- and she's going to win. Meg just knows it. What will the White House be like? Can anyone imagine what it would be like to have maids, cooks and butlers all at your disposal? Probably not. Good thing Meg won't have to.

Meg goes through enormous changes in this book. At her new school in Washington DC, students are practically lining up to be friends with her. She has guards following her every step. Meg's face is in the public eye 24/7. Between reporters, magazines and newspapers, Meg feel's like she'll go crazy. It doesn't help that she fights with her family all the time now either. Will Meg stand strong or crumble in the spotlight?

This book is the first to my favorite series of books. If you can stop turing the pages at full speed, you'll notice the excellent quality of the writing. This is one of the few books that I've read that has a multi-flawed character. Meg can be so whinny and annoying sometimes that I want to just punch her in the face, but it's really the flaws that make the book better. Sometimes, I just get so sick of reading books where the main character is perfect, just everyone else in the world has a problem with them, so it was nice to be able to escape with this book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good read. I hope the author will continue adding to this series. On a scale of one through ten, I would rate this book at least a nine. 

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Someone Like You

Someone Like You is a well written story that touches many topics that any less audacious author wouldn't write about it. It's because of that stroke of audaciousness and that hint of odious that puts this book one step ahead of the rest. Our main character Halley isn't used to being important. Her best friend is far more prominent with her bold red hair that's almost as striking as her personality. Halley is used to being 'Scarlett's friend', but that doesn't bother Halley one bit. However, Michael Sherwood's, Scarlett's boyfriend's, death changes everything. Scarlett realizes she's pregnant with his child a week after he dies. Even Halley, who barely knew him, life is disturbed; Sherwood's friend, Macon, soon fall's in love with Halley. Life as she knew it was almost unrecognizable.  Will Halley take the common pat , or will she turn to her psychiatrist of a Mom?

 I genuinely like this book. This is the only book by Sarah Dessen that I haven't read, so I'm glad that I picked this book. I thought it was very intrepid of Dessen to write books on grief, abortion and  death. The only part that I didn't like was that it was a very traditional coming of age story, the general plot  seemed very established and familiar, because I had read book's like it an abundance of  times. The main reason that I didn't put this book down in the beginning when I was bored by the commonality of the plot is because  the excellence of the writing and the twists that surprise the reader, despite Dessen's settle foreshadowing. In this book, when  every the book starts to calm down, a curve-ball is thrown and the reader is on their seat once more, turning pages as fast as they can. 

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Here We Go Again- Demi Lovato

Before I start blogging on this album, I would like to mention that this is the first CD I've blogged about that I haven't heard any songs about previously. The music sounds much different than her past songs; I think it's because co-writers include Nick Jonas and John Mayer, whose songs are much different than her own. One thing I find very interesting is that the album was released in Mexico before it was in the US. 

If you haven't heard of Demi Lovato, you may recognize her from some of her credits: Barney and Friends, Prision Break, Just Jordan, As the Bell Rings, Camp Rock and Sonny With A Chance. Her big break was starring in Camp Rock, which also starred the Jonas Brothers. She recently won some Teen Choice Awards; Breakout Star Female, Music Tour, Tv Show, and was nominated for 2 other awards.
I got this album because so many of my friends had only great things to say. However, by the 4th song, I was disappointed. So far, it seemed that this song was like every other Disney cds; mediocre singing, poorly written songs, you know the drill.
The first song of the album is Here We Go Again. It's one of those Disney songs we hear oh s
so often on the radio, about love and break-ups. On a scale of 1-10, I'd have to give it a 3. You can 
tell that, like the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato is trying to add edgier songs to her album. The song
sounds terribly desperate. 
The next song, Solo, starts playing. At first, I can't even tell that a new album is playing, because 
that's how repetitive this album is. I would tell you what this song is about but after listening to it 2 times
and googling the lyrics, I still have no idea what it's about. This sound was probably written by her
7 year old half sister.
By the 3rd song, I'm wondering why I even bought this album. I'm also wondering if the instruments
play the same song every track. You've Got Nothin' On Me reminds me of my Mary Kate and Ashley 
CD I have that's collecting dust on my bookshelf. 
Your Falling Over Me Starts. At first it starts slightly different than the first 3 songs, but by the 
chorus, the song sounds like every other song on the CD, with way to many backup singers. Honestly,
I think sand has more diversity. 
The 5th sound is the most decent song on the CD so far. I think I may have seen the music video
one on Disney Channel. Apart from the lyrics that seem to be a continuation from songs 1-4, it's the
least annoying song so far. I think my migraine from the first songs is clearing up. But at the same
time, I'm wondering who in their right mind would write a song about how a room is too quiet?
Catch Me starts playing. I start applauding Demi Lovato for having 2 decent songs in a row.
It reminds me off one of my all time favorite songs; Chasing Cars. Lovato may have more potential
then William Hung.
The song Everytime You Lie comes on, and I immediately miss the previous two songs. Michael
Buble is probably going to sue for ruining adult contemporary songs that I love so much. Enough
Got Dynamite will be the death of me. Lovato trys to sing rock. I try to think happy thoughts;
sleep, chocolate, facebook, DEMI LOVATO SINGING THIS SONG?!. What is Disney thinking?
I can't be happy enough when the song ends.
I have high expectations for the next song, Stop the World, because Joe Jonas co wrote it.
My expectations come crashing down. Either this type of song is on every single Disney album,
or I'm having an extreme case of deja vu.
John Mayer co-wrote the next song, World of Chances, which would explain why it's one of my
favorites. I might actually rate it a 7 out of 10. I think I would like it a lot better if someone
else sang it, who had a better than average voice.
Remember December is next. Why am I listening to the CD? There must be hundreds of
songs that sound exactly like this. I don't know if I can make it through the song; much less the album.
Everything Your Not. I think this song might be on the album 5 other times. I try to pay attention
to the song, but I can't out of joy that it's the last song on the album. Clearly, I did not enjoy this
album. I would not recommend buying it. If you r e a l l y want to, I recommend listening to the
songs on YouTube, before wasting money on this album.

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I Am...Sasha Fierce-Beyonce

This album is one of my latest favorites. But, before I go into detail on the songs, I thought some explanation was necessary. One of the first things I noticed about the CD, even before I started playing it was that it was divided into two different CDs. My first thought was, well that's just plain stupid, why use two CDs when all the tracks could easily fit on one CD? (There's only eleven tracks total.) So, I thought some investigation was due.....and I didn't have to look far; only one Google search in, and I had found my answer.

The two CD's represent her dual personalities. Beyonce is the softer music, Sasha Fierce is her alter ego. Beyonce says that when she goes on stage, she doesn't feel like herself, she thinks that she's someone else. It's kinda creepy in away, but at the same time its cool. You can see a large difference between the two CDs, before even listening to them. The pictures and color on the CDs are practically polar opposites; the only similarity is the face they share.
I Am....
The first CD is Beyonce. The first track is If I Were a Boy. Unless you have been living on Mars for the past few weeks, you have undoubtedly heard this song. The song is what Beyonce would do if she were a boy, and more importantly what she wouldn't do. "I'd Swear I'd Be A Better Man"; she says. I think that she thinks that men aren't worthy of being men.
The second track; Ave Maria, is more of a love song. This song is definitely one of Beyonce's slower songs. It's really pretty but I don't really like it. I feel like at some points its too out of her comfort songs, and she's not used to singing high notes softly which ruins a lot of the song's potential. 
I love the song Halo. There's not really a lot I can say about it, other then it's about when you meet someone, and whenever you together, it feels like heaven on earth. 
Disappear is one of the only acoustic song's I've heard Beyonce sing. Unfortunately,  it doesn't last long. Like many pop songs, there has to be electronic beats, which ruins the song for me. There is also a heavy amount of background singers. All in all, it's a pretty song, hidden under too much accompaniment.
Broken-Hearted Girl is a really nice song. If Beyonce plans on making more soft songs, I hope she picks songs like this song. True; it sounds like a lot of other songs on the radio, but BeyoncĂ© successfully makes the song original. It's about a girl who tries to stop herself from loving someone, out of fear of rejection, and getting a broken heart. 
The final song on this portion of the CD is Satellites. It's another pretty song. I had to listen to it a few times before coming to a conclusion about anything in the song. The only thing I could figure out is that it when your with you significant other, your inseparable. 
Sasha Fierce
Another song that I heavily enjoy is Single Ladies. If you haven't heard the version by Beyonce, you've probably seen the SNL version. It's one of those feminist songs that I usually find rather annoying, but I love this song. Beyonce is saying that if you liked her, you should have given her a ring, but now its too late cause now she's moved on.
Radio is a fun, upbeat song, that occasionally gives me a hint. The verses are hard to understand, but I'm pretty sure that was intentional. A funny thing about this song is that she refers to the radio as 'him'. This song is just a fun song, and I doubt there's any hidden metaphors or anything. 
Sweet Dreams is about how relationships are like roller coasters; they are crazy, go all over the place, rather scary, but you still want to go on them. 
Video phone Beyonce is ready to fall deep in love but is afraid that once she does she will be left. So she is telling the guy to make her feel comfortable because she is apprehensive about their relationship. 

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The Hunger Games; Suzanne Collins

One of my new favorite books is the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. I got the book for Christmas, and though at first I thought it would be a stupid book, by the 2nd chapter I couldn't put it down. I remember that for all of winter vacation, I would stay up late with a flash light, hoping to finish the book.

The book takes a peak into a not so distant future, where teens are forced to compete in the Hunger Games. For those of you who haven't read it, think of reality tv pushed to its limit. I say that because the players must kill each other off, the last one standing is crowned the winner.
The beginning of a new series that is bound to draw in bunches of winners is divided into 3 parts; each becoming more and more addicting to the reader. Out of everyone that I know who has read this book, I have yet to find one who hasn't enjoyed it.

The book takes a look at what people would do for survival. Throughout the book, enemies become friends and friends become enemies, pacts are both made, and broken. For the duration of the book, you will be on the tip of your seat as you look through the eyes of a very brave girl, who risked her life for the well being of her sister, and crosses a line that has yet to be crossed.

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Pink: Funhouse

Now I'm sure all of you have heard Pink's new song, So What, time after time playing on the radio. I mean, I can practically sing the song word for word in my sleep. I'm gonna get in trouble, I'm gonna start a fight! And now, the second song on the CD, Sober, is starting to get some spotlight for itself. But what else is on the CD?
Pink, whose real name is Alecia, got her first number one single on the Hot 100 with So What. She has five albums, the first one being Can't Take The Party Home. She reminded us that she's not dead with her 4th album, I'm Not Dead. Other notable songs are U & Ur Hand and Who Knew?
This album is an amazing rebound from her divorce with Carery Hart last year. But she showed everyone that she doesn't care right from the top of the album with So What. Only 6 hours after So What got leaked, it became #1 on Nova 100. It also became the top song on many other charts, including iTunes most purchased songs list. I must admit, I couldn't stand this song until it was played for probably like the 756th time. Then, I founded myself tapping my foot and singing to myself to the tune of it's strong beat. I mean whatever instrument thats playing in the verses is pretty annoying at first. I quess it's kind of like an iquired taste. Or something like that. But the chorus are really sweet, and pretty upbeat and dancy.
Most of you have probably heard the song Sober a couple times playing on the radio. I believe its around number 5 on my radio stations charts. The first thing that came to mind the first time I listened to this CD on Christmas morning on my Mac was how different it is compared to So What. I mean it's the same singer and such but it really takes it down a notch, but the song is just as good, if not better. It's more of an enjoyable song to listen to. The song's plotline, if you will, is Pink basically saying that it stinks to be drunk. Sure, she goes into detail about how she doesn't like 'filling the silence' and 'how it's good til it goes bad' but that's basically all she says.
As much as I like I Don't Believe You, it's not a very well known song. I don't know if it's because everyone my age listens to the same radio station, so we know the same songs, or if just no one else likes it except me. Its a really slow song, but that doesn't bring down the quality, like it does in some of my other favorite bands, such as Weezer. It sounds like in parts of the songs she's trying to be wicked artisy by making her voice really quiet and stuff, but there is such thing as overkill. I had to Google the lyrics just so I could understand what she's talking about. And I found out she's basically saying that she doesn't believe someone...which is I guess how they came up with the name of the song.
I really don't like the next song. It's not my style. Like at all. It's called One Foot Wrong, and I don't think Pink has ever made a song like this before. Her producer probably didn't let her. I wouldn't. If your to lazy to listen to the song, or would like to spare your ears, I'll tell you what it sounds like. Think Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens going Frank Sinatra with some punk mixed into it. I may be exaggerating just a bit on that one though.
Please Don't Leave Me is going back a little bit back to Pink's style. But it's still not quite there. Is anyone else noticing a theme in these song titles? So What, Sober I Don't Believe You and One Foot Wrong. I guess Pink really has been having a Funhouse. Going back to my point, I'm still not into this song.
Bad Influence is definitely a risk taker for Pink. It has this tambourine like beat for a good duration of the song. But it beat my low expectations though, and I almost began enjoying the song by about 2 minutes into the song. Almost. So far though, this song is the most techno, which is actually pretty cool of Pink to go into that style a little bit.
Funhouse, which incidentally is the name of the CD, is pretty good. It absolutly is a style I wouldn't expect to hear from Pink, but yet it here it is on the playlist. I would use Genius on this song, but my computer spazed out and wouldn't let me. So I guess Last.Fm here I come!
Cyrstal Ball is a slow song, with a lot of string instruments playing. I thought Pink sang it very well. I defintly prefer her more upbeat songs, but neverless I enjoyed this one all the same.
Mean is quite the song. And not in a good way. It almost has this country vibe, something which I had never hoped to hear Pink sing. Like ever. Thankfully, it strayed a teeny bit from your average country music, but it still wasn't that great.
It's All Your Fault, has good music, where the singing portion is a little lacking. I have definitly heard worse songs, but Pink could have done better. True, it probably was the style of the song, but I don't think it's one of Pink's better skills. But this song would definitly make my top 500 playlist, most likely taking the place of Hannah Montana or something.
Ave Mary A is a pretty cool song. It has a really good beat, and this time the vocal's are definitlty there. The only thing that surprised me that it's not played on the radio too often. The guitar part is so Guitar Hero (on easy) worthy.
Gliter In The Air is a good closing song for the soundtrack. Pink definitly brings it down a couple notches on the energy scale, but it doesn't go down on the quality scale. Again, I really like the music part in it. The lyrics do leave a little to desire though.
So, in closing, this is a fairly good CD. If you enjoyed Pink's past music, you'll probably like this CD.

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